Solar backpack for your hikes of several days. It also includes a water pocket if you want to take it for a bike ride for example. Thanks to its integrated solar panel of 6.5 W with a conversion efficiency of 22%, you can recharge your mobile phone during your hikes without have to find an electric charging point. A hiking bag of 10L of light capacity and as well for men as for women.

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Characteristics :

  • Blue, red,
  • Material: Nylon
  • Solar backpack -6.5W
  • - Bag capacity: 10L - Backpack size: 40 * 25 * 10cm
  • - Solar panel: 6.5W, 6V,
  • - Efficiency of solar panels: 22% conversion efficiency
  • Accessories 1 USB charging cable, a water bag

Solar backpack | extreme WaterproofSolar panel bag | extreme Waterproof