Camouflage poncho

Superb camouflage poncho with fully waterproof hood. A poncho for women original easy folded and transported thanks to its bag provided with slightly larger than a can of soda. A perfect poncho for getaways when the weather is uncertain and heavy rain.

Poncho type raincoat for women , the product is durable (the performance is better than that of the traditional plastic film raincoat, the product is easier to wear and clean)
The back of the poncho is specially designed to accommodate large bags.

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Type: Women's Poncho, Women's Raincoat

Material: Poly Taff

Weight : 280g

Size: 220cm * 146cm

Outdoor activity in bad weather, women's windbreaker, women's military poncho

Raincoat / Rain cap, Rainwear

camouflage poncho | Extreme Waterproof