Waterproof Backpacks

When traveling, your backpack often contains your most precious possessions: your phone, your laptop, snacks, tickets and cash. But what happens when it starts to rain?

The last thing you want is that your backpack is leaking and the items it contains are wet or, worse still, soaked. Investing in a waterproof or waterproof backpack can be the difference between soggy pajamas and cool, dry clothing. Who has time to air their personal belongings while traveling, anyway? It is always better to be careful than sorry.

A lightweight and practical hiking bag will keep your belongings accessible without adding extra weight for hiking. For a boat trip or fishing trip, a backpack with welded seams would be your best choice, so that spray or puddles on the deck cannot slip into the cracks of your bag.

Do you spend the day sightseeing? You might want something a little more classic with a satchel look that can hold all of your groceries while being comfortable enough to move around all day.