Waterproof & Waterproof Backpack

Waterproof backpacks for a modern lifestyle

Imagine a backpack carrying all of your essential and precious items like your laptop, tablet or phone while keeping them dry and safe in style. Based on an early vision to rethink the classics, ETREME WATERPROOF has reinvented the traditional backpack and, over the years, has created a wide selection of multifunctional and water-resistant backpacks to meet the modern lifestyle of 'today. A lifestyle that requires form, fashion and functionality preferably at the same time. Since the creation of the first EXTREME WATERPROOF backpack, waterproof backpacks have quickly become a part of the street and still are today. The strong minimalist references and the unique material of EXTREME WATERPROOF, combined with a water-resistant element, make an EXTREME WATERPROOF backpack a true everyday icon.

Water-resistant backpack design

Design of water-resistant backpacks

EXTREME WATERPROOF offers a complete range of waterproof and waterproof clothing including rain jackets, pants, accessories, weekend bags, backpacks among other small waterproof items. All EXTREME WATERPROOF backpacks are made from a durable, water-resistant material. Fully lined, the minimalist waterproof backpacks are designed with an interior that is carefully equipped to protect and organize the essentials of everyday life on the go, with a spacious main compartment, an interior laptop pocket and several small pockets. Waterproof laptop backpacks come with solid closures as well as adjustable carabiners and suspenders for a comfortable, personal fit. Combining functionality, comfort and style, the waterproof backpacks by EXTREME WATERPROOF are perfect for outdoor adventures as well as for school or work.